Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Because an image can say so much more.
Here are some very smart marketing strategies:

Mercedes Benz - Our dual side air bags is standard.

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren - Only prayer can make you feel better than this.

Breathe Right - Get rid of the snore.

Loteria de la Provincia - 4 million bucks. The New Year Jackpot.

Feeding America - 1/8

Greenpeace - Atlantis isn't a myth. It's a prediction.

WFP - Think global Starve local!

Marketing your mind.



Jeep - For those who dream.

Save the children - We must make this a thing of the past.

Soothe on upset tummy.

Stop imagining what it smells like and just get rid of it.

DHL - If there's an address, we'll find it.

DHL - If there's an address, we'll find it.

Time is up for bacteria and plaque.

Tame - Galapagos

Airtel - Don't lose your contacts when you drop your phone.

Lego - Making history, 50 years.

Seat - GPS as standard Seat Exeo techside.

Price Waterhouse Coopers - The greatest conquests are never achieved alone.

Telmex - Video Security

Ming8 - Now with GPS, thankfully.

Land Rover - Gear

IWC - Passion for details.

IWC - Passion for details.

Toronto Plastic Surgery - Nose surgery cup.

Hansaplast - Burn plaster.

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